Week 7 – France III

Ah, the final week of French cuisine. A fond farewell with a menu consisting of Huitres Chaudes aux Courgettes (Warm Oysters with Zucchini), Poulet Saute Marengo (Chicken Saute Marengo), Endives au Lait d’Amandes Douces (Braised Endive with Almond Cream), Tomato Clamart and Potatoes Parmentier, Salade Bigouden (Lettuce Salad), and Creme Brulee.

First is the Warm Oysters with Zucchini. This seemed as though it was going to be an odd combination. The oyster sauce really gave a powerful oyster flavor and with the cream added, made it nice and rich. I wasn’t crazy about eating oysters warm but thats just because I am used to eating them raw. The addition of zucchini to the dish helped but the sauce and really complimented the oyster well.

Next is the Braised Endive. Chef Bill said not to make the almond sauce because it is quite dredful. Preparation for braised endive became very simple. Braised in lemon juice, oil, sugar and salt. See, simple. When completed, it makes a nice vegetable to a dish however, it is a bit bitter and sour with the ingredients so make sure you pair it properly. I combined the endive with the tomato clamart dish.

Chicken Marengo is a classic french dish. Many ingredients and several steps but such a nice presentation and very tasty. I piped mashed potatoes around the border of the dish, placed the toasted bread hearts ontop of the sunny-side up eggs and placed the shrimp ontop of the chicken in the center. The chicken is browned and removed, then the mushrooms, shallots and garlic are sauteed. Then add tomato paste and chopped tomatoes. Add wine and reduce, then add the chicken back. Yummm. The shrimp is simmered in stock and the eggs are fried in the remaining chicken fat. Delicious.

Tomato Clamart is next. This one was quite easy to make. Roma tomatoes with the skin peeled off. Cut the base so that they can stand and then cut the top. With a melon-baller, scoop out the insides of the tomato. I then sauteed peas in butter and onions and used it to stuff the tomatoes. Then I baked them for a few minutes to soften the tomato. A nice addition to a meal and fun presentation. They tasted good too.

Salade Bigouden was simply a lettuce salad tossed in a sweet vinegar dressing. Not much to discuss here. Boston lettuce, cider vinegar and sugar. More of a palate cleanser here.

Finally, Creme Brulee. A beautiful and sweet custard topped with sugar and caramalized with a blowtorch. Delicious. It had just the right amount of sweetness and so creamy. I will definitely be making this classic french dessert again.

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